Death of a Toad

“Death of a Toad” by Richard Wilbur takes the accidental death of a toad and turns it into a tragedy of Nature Vs Machine and Man Vs Nature using imagery. The first stanza, Wilbur sets the plot as a mere observer of what is happening to the toad. He uses alliteration like “chewed and clipped” and imagery of “hobbling hop” to show the frogs actions.  The frog is nature’s beauty but when a machine is to help make the lawn beautiful, the frog is slaughtered in the process, which is the first conflict of Nature vs Machine

In the second and third stanzas, Wilbur introduces the second conflict; man verses nature. Man could be seen as an obstruction to nature since he is one that is driving that lawn mower.  The toad’s heart blood is flowing and it just lies on the “earthen hide in the folds and wizening.” From the diction used Wilbur wants people to come to the conclusion that man is evil. Machinery is a problem and man is destructive; but together they are deadly enough to completely wipe out nature and beauty. Wilbur also shows that the man casually walks on from the death of the toad and doesn’t take time to help or look back, making man seem heartless. He also uses the image of a lawn mower making the lawn beautiful by eliminating all of its natural beauty.

Whitney Houston

Whitney Huston was undeniably talented; her voice touched many people’s hearts, encouraged and inspired women across the world. When I hear someone mention her name my mind immediately goes to “I’m every woman” and how Whitney sent out an empowering message to every lady who listened to it. However, my favorite song by Whitney is “I Wanna Dance with Somebody” because it’s so upbeat and was made when she was young and happy.

Middle Child.

I dont exactly know what it feels like to be the middle child, however I am the youngest and don’t experience all the stereotypical pleasures as the youngest. Everyone assumes that as the youngest, you get all the attention, love and care that the other siblings don’t receive. That wasn’t the case in my family. In fact, I envied my two older brothers  more than they could ever imagine.

I never thought about killing them, but I do remember trying to fight them. You know growing up as the only girl with a dad and two  brothers makes you think you can take on anything. I soon found out i couldn’t take on them. I’d push them past their limits and try so hard to get what i wanted. I always thought they got whatever their heart desired and all their wishes came true. I hated them, and most of the time i wished they didn’t exist. I didn’t want to be the youngest, i wanted to be the ONLY.

“Things I Could Never Tell My Daughter”

This poem hit me, and hit me hard. Mainly because I often think this is how my own mother thought about me, being that she made it obvious that she didnt want me. I was an “accident child”, my mom and dad werent married and they both already had kids. She left me and my father because “It was all too much for her to handle”. I can imagine everytime i began to cry, she would get angry; and sometimes ignore me.

“I rushed to your bedside and you pushed me away- screaming Daddy! Daddy! And I don’t want you! ” I never did this until she made me. I guess i pushed her out of my life by being born and becoming a burden to her, which lead to her leaving me and my father. Without her i had no one else but my Daddy to run to.

Although, the author of this poem defended her actions by indirectly stating that she loves her daughter, she just wasn’t ready for her. She gave up a lot for her child, and was very upset when she choose her father over her because as a her mother she felt that she deserved just as much love. She loves her daughter, and would do anything to protect her, and unlike my mother, she would never tell her daughter any of the negative thoughts she had about her.

Mushrooms by Sylvia Plath

“Mushrooms”, a short poem, is actually not about mushrooms at all. In fact, like Marxism, the mushrooms symbolize the people in the lower social class. The quote “Nobody sees us, stops us; betrays us..” lets readers know that no one really cares about them, they’re never acknowledged, seen or heard; no one gives them a second look. Moreover, because they are basically invisible, they have multiplied and created many to rise above and take over, using the power of numbers.

This poem reminds me of today’s society. It has become normal to see “hobo’s” or “bums” sitting around asking for money or help. However, most of society pays them no mind. We just walk by, usually saying nothing. We tend to act like we don’t see them, like they don’t exist. Because we are of higher class, maybe not by much, we give the impression that we are better than them and are indeed inferior. The poem makes me wonder what would happen if everyone in the lower class got together and “rose” against the government using the power of numbers.

The unknown soldier .

In “The Unknown Soldier” by Luc Sante, he used many different voices in the audio, which surprisingly had an enormous effect . Sante incorporates the several deaths of numerous people. While reading this poem.short story, i began to think about the meaning of eternal rest, and what would be my last words or thoughts before its my time to go. The people in “The Unknown Soldier” had no clue that death was about to happen, they never even saw it coming, which makes me wonder if we could truly prepare ourselves for the end of our time, are we ever really prepared?

In the beginning of the poem, Sante included a pattern by using a periodic word order. As all of the Unknown Soldiers began their statments, they started by saying “The last thing I saw was…”. This made the reader want to read on and see what they experienced. The story was simple, containing simple sentences, but holding many details, creating imagery to the point you can basically see what the last thing they saw was and feel empathy for all of the speakers.

Herro .

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