Mushrooms by Sylvia Plath

“Mushrooms”, a short poem, is actually not about mushrooms at all. In fact, like Marxism, the mushrooms symbolize the people in the lower social class. The quote “Nobody sees us, stops us; betrays us..” lets readers know that no one really cares about them, they’re never acknowledged, seen or heard; no one gives them a second look. Moreover, because they are basically invisible, they have multiplied and created many to rise above and take over, using the power of numbers.

This poem reminds me of today’s society. It has become normal to see “hobo’s” or “bums” sitting around asking for money or help. However, most of society pays them no mind. We just walk by, usually saying nothing. We tend to act like we don’t see them, like they don’t exist. Because we are of higher class, maybe not by much, we give the impression that we are better than them and are indeed inferior. The poem makes me wonder what would happen if everyone in the lower class got together and “rose” against the government using the power of numbers.