The unknown soldier .

In “The Unknown Soldier” by Luc Sante, he used many different voices in the audio, which surprisingly had an enormous effect . Sante incorporates the several deaths of numerous people. While reading this poem.short story, i began to think about the meaning of eternal rest, and what would be my last words or thoughts before its my time to go. The people in “The Unknown Soldier” had no clue that death was about to happen, they never even saw it coming, which makes me wonder if we could truly prepare ourselves for the end of our time, are we ever really prepared?

In the beginning of the poem, Sante included a pattern by using a periodic word order. As all of the Unknown Soldiers began their statments, they started by saying “The last thing I saw was…”. This made the reader want to read on and see what they experienced. The story was simple, containing simple sentences, but holding many details, creating imagery to the point you can basically see what the last thing they saw was and feel empathy for all of the speakers.

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